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Daily Schedule

Preschool Schedule

bird-tree8:30-8:45- Student arrival. I will meet them at door.

8:50-9:00- Put backpacks away and go to circle

9:00-9:30- Circle time (date, weather, topic for day, etc.)

9:30-10:00- Directed free choice (students may choose self-serve snack at this time. 2 at a time.)

10:00-10:30-Structured lesson (Varies from day to day)

10:30-10:45- Clean-up, bathroom break, get ready for outside play time. (weather permitting)

10:50-11:30- Outside play

11:30-11:45- Wash hands, bathroom break

11:50-12:15- Structured lesson (Art, music)

12:15-1:00- Lunch

1:00-1:15- Clean-up, lay out mats

1:20-3:00- Story, rest time

3:00-3:15- Wake up, put away mats, bathroom break

3:15-3:30- Combined afternoon snack

3:30-4:00- Outside play (weather permitting)

4:00-4:30- Bathroom, free choice

4:30-4:45- Clean-up, prepare to go home

4:45-5:00- Story while we wait for parents

5:00- Meet parents at entrance

Our hours are now 7:30am to 6:am.